Good News everyone!!!! My new upgraded CNC Router has arrived. Sad news too, My preferred cabinet material, Baltic Birch Plywood, is currently unavialable. I can get domestic maple/birch cabinet grade plywood in 3/4" thickness to make kits and speakers from. It will be visually similar on the faces, but the deges will be different due to the fewer number of plys that make up the sheet.

Customer Comments on Sound

Here are some comments from people who own the speakers I sell, not that they necessarily bought them from me, but they can comment on the sound quality of the design. (comments may be edited for typos - they are from various websites after-all)



Frugel-Horn Mk3

I am still impressed by how good those Frugal Horns sound every time I use them. The imaging so precise and the voices come out so natural. Also the bass is extremely extended and articulated for such small drivers. They smoked my Vandersteen 3A Signature (I don't them own anymore), which costs 15x times more.