Good News everyone!!!! My new upgraded CNC Router has arrived. Sad news too, My preferred cabinet material, Baltic Birch Plywood, is currently unavialable. I can get domestic maple/birch cabinet grade plywood in 3/4" thickness to make kits and speakers from. It will be visually similar on the faces, but the deges will be different due to the fewer number of plys that make up the sheet.

About Bob

Ever since he was a kid growing up in Allentown, Bob loved to take things apart, fix them, and improve them--even if they weren't broken and didn't need fixing. He also liked to hammer and saw and put things together.  He discovered woodworking in eighth-grade shop class at Trexler Junior High School, and still uses the pine nightstand he built back then.


Since then, Bob took a few detours away from the woodshop, earning associate's degrees in natural science and liberal arts from Lehigh County Community College and a B.S. in chemistry/mathematics from Kutztown University.  He worked as a Realtor, chemist, sous chef, bartender, and salesman of photography gear, bicycles, tools and many other things. 


While working as a Realtor, Bob began dabbling in woodworking once again, building a shop in his garage and working on small items, including bowls. After retiring, he began tackling larger projects, building custom furniture and cabinetry for family and friends. He also began to make speaker enclosure kits for do-it-yourself audio hobbyists. He expanded his shop and created Big Wood Studio.


Bob currently teaches Turning and Woodworking in his home studio and at Woodcraft in Harrisburg PA. He also participates in Craft shows around the Lehigh Valley.