Due to the volatility in the lumber market I cannot guarantee pricing. As of 6-28-21 the prices listed for Frugel-Horns are accurate. I expect this to last a day or two. So if you are thinking of placing an order don't drag your feet. If you order by the end of 6-29 you stand a good chance of getting your kit shipped out the following week.

Frugel-Horn XL Kit
Frugel-Horn XL Kit
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Frugel-Horn XL Kit

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Frugel-Horn kits include everything you need to build your speakers with the exception of drivers, glue, clamps, and finishing supplies. The kit includes two speakers, the attached photo shows the parts for one of the speakers.


In late 2006 – ’07 a small group of enthusiasts collaborated to develop a compact, inexpensive
corner-horn design for the DIY community. This project became the very successful
Frugel-Horn, which even spawned an extremely expensive commercial adaptation.
The Frugel-horn Mk3 [FH3] , a ground-up new design, followed and has been a very successful
design with many 100s of builds.

The FH3 led to many requests for a similar cabinet for larger drivers. After many dead-ends the
Frugel-Horn XL [FHxl] came to fruition. Designed specifically for Mark Audio Alpair 10.3 and
Alpair 10p. Reports have been positive with Alpair 10.2, Fostex FF165wk, FE168eΣ, and


This is not my design. For the full history, creators of, and plans for this fine loudspeaker please visit www.Frugal-horn.com.


Other drivers can be used, please email me with questions or requests at bob@bigwoodstudio.net. 


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